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Marine boiler includs subjects related to boiler onboard Ship safety valve,boiler Gauge Glass,Boiler Water contaminants,Boiler Water Test and Treatment, Boiler alarms and trips,Boiler mountings,Boiler Combustion Process,type of burners and their working principle,Boiler surveys, Boiler refractory.

Marine sewage treatment plant, working principle, sewage effluent test, marpol annex 4 sewage discharge criteria, backflushing of sewage treatment plant.

Basic principle involved in producing fresh water onboard ship, vacuum desalination, osmosis, reverse osmosis, osmotic pressure, and working of fresh water generator, FWG starting, stopping on JCW and Steam, maintenance carried out on FWG, line diagram of fresh water generator, trouble shooting.

Refrigeration and air conditioning, Reverse Carnot Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigeration plant line diagram, air conditioning plant line diagram, Plant start, stop & defrost cycle, Refrigerant charging procedure, Psychrometrics, Air handling unit, Refrigerant, Thermostatic expansion valve.

Oil purifier, Marine purifier working principle, purifier bowl, vertical and horizontal shaft, break, clutch assembly, and motor characteristic curve, fuel and lub oil purification line diagram, finding correct size of gravity disc, purifier and clarifier operation, alarms, trips, trouble shooting.

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